Friday, March 24, 2017

GF Mafroum and Corn Couscous

Gluten Free mafroum and corn couscous. • It brings back childhood memories. A family member of mine was born in Tripoli and every once in a while we got mafroum and some couscous (from her grandmother) for the weekend, it was delicious. • My mafroum is gluten free and the couscous is made out from corn, also gluten free. I got both recipes from the kitchen coach blog (it was recommended by my dear friend Sharon Saar in one of her posts. Thank you Sharon.), I just love his recipes. They are all in Hebrew but I'll try to translate them to English. Here is the mafroum and the corn couscous recipes in Hebrew. I made the mafroum gluten free by using GF bread instead of regular bread and brown rice flour instead of regular flour. I added more tomato sauce to the sauce at the last stage. I also don't recommend to freeze them, they don't taste as good after freezing. Enjoy!!!

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