Monday, August 25, 2014

My voice

I'm trying to find my own voice in this medium, water colors are new to me. Sure I painted with water colors before, but I never got to where I wanted to be, just wasn't crazy about the result, until now. I love the transparent quality of the colors when they mix with each other. After watching a few videos on Youtube I tried to paint myself. My graphic esthetics took over and I added pens and colored pencils. I wonder where it will take me and how I'll make it my own. Other than getting the proper paper and brushes, I'm planning to take a class at Otis, my favorite art school in the area. This is my first attempt to find myself in water colors (It's probably not a good idea to post my first attempts after the amazing art of Kiana Mosley, I guess we all have to start somewhere).


  1. I Love the application of the ink...I don't think you have to look much farther...I think you're there.