Friday, July 11, 2014


We're growing very happy and huge sunflowers, all from seeds. Thank you Eliot for all the beautiful plants in our garden.


  1. A trip to Indiana and have a midwestern theme going I see. : )
    Those raised beeds are beautiful. And that opal looks like a shrub!!!

    1. We're very lucky with our plants, they love the LA weather, water, soil and the attention they get. And we love them.

  2. Anat these are gorgeous and such a moving pic at that. Not to make you sad but i forwarded this pic to my friend whose daughter passed away last year of ovarian cancer. She was Ashley's best bud and she adored sunflowers. Thank you for sharing. Love you, Fa

  3. Fa, glad to make someone happy just by looking at a picture of sunflowers. They are growing like crazy, out of control, and we enjoy every second looking at them. You're very sweet and I miss you. Xo