Thursday, July 24, 2014

Focaccia 2 way

Best focaccia you'll ever taste. I love Yotam Ottolenghis cooking, it's easy, simple and so yummy. I was greedy and wanted to try two toppings, and I did. I chose the parsley and olive topping and the grape and fennel seed topping. I have to say that both taste amazing, try them together and you'll get flavors that compliment each other, salty (olives) and sweet (grapes and sugar), chewy (grapes) and crunchy (olives and fennel seeds). And the smell of fresh bread baking is truly amazing. I enjoyed making it as much as I enjoyed eating it. Here are the ingredients you need from Ottolenghi's site, and here is how to make it. If you love to cook I recommend to get the book, it's wonderful.


  1. I've had this with the grapes and fennel seed...I can only imagine the great combination of both. I love making foccacia and this is indeed a great recipe.

    1. I was SO excited to make it, the time preparing is so worth it. Did you make it?