Monday, June 2, 2014

Kitchen sink dyes

The class I attended at Wildcraft Studio School last Friday was all about natural dyes. We used two different mordants, alum and iron and dyed our fabrics and yarn in different dye baths to see what colors we get. The alum mordant gives very bright colors and the iron reacher and darker colors. The different dyes we used (from top to bottom): two baths of red cabbage, one with salt and the other with vinegar. The salt made the fabrics bluer and the vinegar redder. ; Mint ; Yellow onion skin ; Wild fennel ; Turmeric ; Lupine. It was amazing to see how quickly some of them turned colorful and how different dye material behave. It was very informative, inspiring and fun class. I wish it was closer and I could attend more classes. Thank you Chelsea.

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