Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I made wonderful hamantaschen (oznei haman in Hebrew) from Orna and Ella cooking book. You can find the recipe in Hebrew here. I don't eat nuts, I substituted the 1/2 cup almonds with flour. I also didn't have dried blueberries, I used raisins instead. The dough didn't work for me at all, probably because I didn't use almonds. I had to warm it up after taking it out of the refrigerator and add liquids to make it manageable. The amount of the feeling was way too much, I also had to drain it. I added some of the feeling liquid to the dough and baked the hamantaschens at 350 F for 13-14 minutes. • I have to say that the flavor is pretty amazing, I had three of them before they cooled down. Enjoy!

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