Sunday, February 2, 2014

Best brownies

Hazelnut and dark chocolate brownies, recipe from the amazing Ottolenghi cookbook. These are the best brownies I've ever had, they are better than any bought brownies in town. The original recipe calls for macadamia and white chocolate, but in my house we like hazelnuts and dark chocolate much better. Only on a special occasion I make these delicious, mouth watering, addictive dark chocolate goodies. It's our 20th anniversary tomorrow and it was a sweet surprise for my husband. • Here is the recipe. As I mentioned I used blanched hazelnuts (I toasted them a little longer than mentioned in the recipe) and bittersweet dark chocolate discs. For the brownies themselves I used Varlhona Dark Chocolate - 55% Cacao - Equatoriale Noire, and for the chocolate discs I used Callebaut Chocolate Discs 60.3%. I baked the brownies in a 8" x 8" x 3" square cake pan for 35 minutes and divided them into 16 squares. If you love chocolate you should try them, easy to make, quick and so delicious.


  1. Congratulations! That looks like the best brownie ever. And I do have hazelnuts and callebaut in the house, so it looks like there might be a batch in my near future.

    1. You have to try them, they are so rich and good. Let me know how they came out. You maybe want to chop the hazelnuts a little after toasting them, and cut the brownies after they are completely cool. It's VERY hard to wait for them to cool completely...