Sunday, January 19, 2014

Date cookies

I missed these melted in your mouth date cookies, it's funny how a memory can deceive you. I love the dough, I'm not crazy about the filling. I love dates but I'm not a big fan of eating them in a cookie for some reason, I also added 1 TSP cinnamon to the date spread. Maybe it's the fact that I used store bought date spread instead of making it at home. The recipe I used is in Hebrew, I've found one in English, not identical but similar here. • The Hebrew version does not use eegs, and use white and whole flour mix. It calls for 1/2 date and 1/2 halva spreads, I didn't use halva at all. I also used 1 cup orange juice instead of 1/2 cup because the dough didn't come together. • My solution for next time is either use a homemade date spread or chocolate and halva filling. I think I like the second idea better, I know my family will. • Important note: don't ever freeze these cookies, they get ruined when you warm them up. I suspected that this amazing dough won't last in the freezer but I had to try. Need to bake another batch.

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