Monday, March 4, 2013


Stamping paper and fabric with foam and ink. Here is what you need: foam (Blick) ; plexiglass (Blick) ; any shape puncher, just make sure that the foam fits inside the puncher (paper source), or cut any shape by hand ; glue (Blick) ; brayer (Blick), fabric or paper ink (Blick).
Start by measuring the cut circles and make a template. Cut double the amount you need with your puncher. Glue 2 circles together (1 and 2) and let it dry. Place the plexiglass on top of your pattern (3) and glue the doubled circles in place. Let it dry. Add ink to the circles with a brayer (4) and stamp some paper and fabric. Enjoy.
The top photo is my stamped paper. I like the hand made look so much that I'll make a silk screen out of that. I also stamped some fabric for a new project, I hope to post it soon.

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