Thursday, October 11, 2012

Process (2nd step)

Remember this post? I got the yarn, decided on the square design, chose the hook size and crocheted one square. After blocking, measuring and weighing I decided to work on a four by five squares grid. You can see the design on the first picture. Each square other than the colorful part will have two rows of white around it. You can see the colors I chose on the second picture, and the start of my Tiny happy blanket on the third one. I weave in the ends and connect the squares as I crochet each square. ; Yarn: Cotlin DK Yarn from KnitPics, Hook: E, 3.5 mm.


  1. Thank you, and I love your new hat.

  2. So, the top image is sort of a comp of the finished design? It's very, very cool looking just as an image. You may be onto something -- a framed print of it would make a beautiful decorative object.

  3. What a great idea, I didn't think about it.