Monday, July 23, 2012


Here is how I make my pickled cucumbers: get as many Persian cucumbers to fit tightly in a glass jar. 1 garlic bulb, peeled. 1 - 3 hot peppers cut lengthwise, depends how hot you want your pickles. 1 bunch of dill, and look warm, salted water to fill the jar. • Put the cucumbers in the jar very tightly together. Spread the garlic cloves and peppers in between the cucumbers. Mix lukewarm water with some salt (make sure all the salt is dissolved completely into the water), and fill the jar all the way to the top. Rinse the dill and put it on top of everything and shut the jar close. • Put the jar in a wider plastic container to catch all extra liquids. • Put the jar in a sunny spot outdoors until the late afternoon, then take it inside. • Turn the jar upside down, gently, a few times to mix the salted water in the morning and evening. • After a few days you'll have pickled cucumbers. • If you want to add some salt to your water, you can empty the salted water from the jar to a container, add salt, mix well, and fill the jar with the new salted water mix. If it's too salty, empty the salted water from the jar into a container and add some fresh water, fill the jar with the new less salted water. • I'll keep you posted on how long it takes for the cucumbers to be ready.

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